Synectics Solutions, in partnership with the Cabinet Office, has continued to develop a number of fraud prevention and detection software solutions through the intelligence and insight held within the NFI data set. These solutions are now accessible to support organisations in their fight to identify and prevent losses through fraud as well as reducing operational costs and increasing the efficiency of fraud investigation teams.

The NFI data set contains over 1/3 of a Billion records from over 23 different data sources to include fraudulent identity data, deceased person data and Home Office immigration data. Since 1996 the NFI data matching exercise, involving 1,300 participating organisations from public and private bodies, has been run every two years and used to retrospectively identify fraud and overpayments totalling over £1.17 billion.

Recognising the exceptional value of this data to the public sector in daily operations and counter fraud strategies; Synectics Solutions has built two new fraud prevention and detection tools: AppCheck and ReCheck which provide users with access to the NFI data set.

AppCheck allows users to verify individuals in real-time applying for benefits or services in seconds, preventing fraud at point of application, protecting the organisation and improving customer interactions. The service can also be used to establish an applicant’s right to work, mitigating the risk of penalties for non-compliance with employment legislation.

ReCheck enables users to proactively check existing customer records at their preferred time and frequency, to establish and monitor changes to personal and financial circumstances that affect entitlement to benefits or services. ReCheck results are instantaneous and provide the insight to prevent or detect invalid or fraudulent claims from existing customers.

The AppCheck and ReCheck services are simple to access via web interface or application process interface and can be made available to multiple users or departments. Both tools have built in risk assessment and intelligent colour coding, making it easy for users to classify applications and referrals in need of escalation for investigation or for approval. Synectics Solutions provides a dedicated customer service team to support users of each service.

Matt Stanton at Synectics Solutions comments: “Many Local authorities are experiencing a reduction in the size of their investigation teams, some by 20%; caseloads meanwhile are growing, in some areas by 32% per year. Real time access to the comprehensive and sophisticated NFI data set can help right across the public sector. By using AppCheck and ReCheck organisations can reduce their risk of falling victim to fraud, reduce administration and future investigation costs and prioritise investigation resources and funds effectively. Public sector organisations will be able to provide an improved customer experience and provide services with a much greater degree of confidence”.