As part of Synectics Solutions' continued success and growth we are delighted to announce that we have acquired a new office that will enable us to bring all of our various business teams together under one roof and will provide additional work space as the company continues to expand.

The new 46,000 square feet facility is based in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. We will begin moving staff into the new office from early February 2016 with the move expected to be completed by May. We will be maintaining our existing offices at The Brampton and The Mount in Newcastle-under-Lyme and will re-purpose them as the move to Burslem progresses.

Our data centres will remain at their current locations in Newcastle-under-Lyme, so customers can be assured that there will be no disruption to any systems or services as part of this move.

Support teams will be migrated over to the new facility in stages to ensure that no disruption to any support services occur during this time.

For contractual purposes our official head office will remain at The Brampton and all client meetings will continue to be held there so there will be no change in the location of meeting venue for any SIRA, Orion, Automotive or Public Sector clients.

As a company we are tremendously excited about this development, bringing all of our teams together into one space will create a huge opportunity to enhance our collaboration and innovation capabilities as well as providing a more modern and convivial environment for our employees.