The Cabinet Office's National Fraud Initiative (NFI) team, working in partnership with Synectics Solutions, have created three new solutions which compliment the National Fraud Initiative Mandated Exercise, and are in line with recent government advice around the best approach public sector organisations should adopt in order to improve their fraud defences and protect their budgets. These new solutions are called; AppCheck, ReCheck and FraudHub. Darren Shillington, Senior Data Matching Manager at the Cabinet Office, has been interviewed by Public Sector Executive magazine to share how these new products enable Local Authorities and other public sector organisations to adopt a proactive approach to fraud prevention and detection. 

 “All three solutions draw on the data collected as part of the National Fraud Initiative. Public sector organisations are facing some very difficult decisions. Such as balancing the provision of quality services in the most cost effective way to the most vulnerable in society. Being able to cross match and check against the National Fraud Initiative data sets provides one of the most relevant and comprehensive data sources to help with these kinds of challenges. Drawing on the NFI in this way is of immense benefit and is what provides the unique intelligence that AppCheck, ReCheck or FraudHub can offer.”

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