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Tackling Fraud in Government with Data Analytics

The aim of this paper is to start a conversation with citizens, academia, industry, and across Government on the use of data and analytics to counter fraud. To help drive this conversation this paper is divided into three sections: 1. Using data to counter fraud An insight into the nature of counter fraud in Government and into the work being done in the Cabinet Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to advance the use of data and data sharing as part of the Government’s counter fraud strategy. 2. Some key challenges to making even more progress A summarisation of the key challenges identified by Government, industry, and academia in making more use of data for counter fraud. These are the issues we seeking your input and insights on. 3. Your voice Where we ask for your input on our key challenges; how could Government approach these issues and is there anything else we should be concerned about based on experiences in your own industries? In the rest of the document you will find the verbatim contributions from the public and private stakeholders – Government departments, academia, and industry – which are the source of the challenges identified in section 2.


Connect Edition 9: Platformification- Is it the Holy Grail for Financial Crime Risk Management?

Platformification: Find out why creating a single customer view of financial crime risk management is an essential component in securing the future of your organisation. Connect is a quarterly round up of trends, insight, features and opinions on fraud prevention and financial crime for the banking and insurance sectors, brought to you by Synectics Solutions. Download to learn: Why creating a Single Customer View (SCV) of financial crime risk management is an essential component in securing the future of your organisation. How a digital ID scheme could work, benefiting banks and financial organisations. More from our partners such as Emailage and Equifax. Also available are the links to our latest Synectics webinar and whitepaper on creating a single customer view which can be downloaded on our website.


National SIRA Annual Fraud Trends 2018

The Financial Crime Intelligence Team at Synectics Solutions are delighted to present this report that considers the different fraud typologies that members of the National SIRA syndicate have been experiencing as part of their fraud investigations. Members of the syndicate include financial services providers, leading insurers, retail providers and telecommunications companies. In this report you will learn about: How fraud trends have evolved over the last five years Emerging trends and typologies effecting financial services providers and insurers in today’s landscape Considerations for the future of fraud prevention and detection


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