User Groups are designed to educate and inform the SIRA user-base on product and service developments to ensure our clients are maximising the impact of their fraud prevention systems and technologies.

It is important that the day to day users of the SIRA system are continually well-informed and efficient at using the product, which is why attending the SIRA User Groups are so important. This session offers a chance to review the current functionality of SIRA and learn first-hand about any product developments.
Attendees will also be invited to share best practices and suggest ways to improve SIRA's operational efficiencies.


+ Hear all of the upcoming release changes that may impact the user experience

+ Discussion of operational efficiencies

+ Processes outside of SIRA

+ Refine knowledge of SIRA functionality to optimise business processes

+ Obtain a variety of investigation techniques

+ Learn the protocol around SIRA status setting

+ Brainstorm future initiatives

+ Share knowledge of emerging fraud trends and fraud rings


+ Day to day users of SIRA

+ Investigators

+ Team managers of SIRA investigators

+ SIRA investigator trainers

+ Fraud strategists