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Improvements to fraud prevention and identification have helped to reduce the volume of facility fraud cases, where handsets are fraudulently secured in person. However, this has been replaced with a growth in facility takeover, with the intent of obtaining unauthorised upgrades, taking advantage of providers’ channels to improve the customer experience and ease of upgrading handsets.

With genuine customer identity used in the majority of identity fraud cases, addressing ever-evolving criminal tactics is a continual challenge.


96% of identity fraud uses genuine customer identity


Telecoms operators face an estimated global average loss of 13% from uncollected revenue and fraud


450% increase in Telecoms facility takeover cases from 2015-2016

Helping you protect your business and genuine customers

Synectics Solutions has more than 25 years of experience in tackling fraud, improving data and sharing knowledge to inform organisation’s approach to fraud and risk. We can help you to integrate a breadth of data sources with your own in order to inform the processes and practices used to not only mitigate losses but prevent them.

We work with our telecommunications clients to understand their specific challenges and identify or develop the right solutions to address them. Our current capabilities help us tackle existing and emerging challenges our clients face including bad debt, identity fraud, device takeover, missed revenues, poor processes and incorrect data usage.


Data sources

Clients can enrich their intelligence with over 50 different private sector data sources to get a more informed view of their customers



National SIRA members have access to data provided by over 130 banks and financial services providers, insurers, retailers and telecommunications companies

200 million

Records held

There are around 200 million records held in National SIRA, the UK’s leading fraud prevention database

"In the great ‘fraud arms race’, could it be that fraudsters have become aware of new detection methods and are now using compromised identities to purchase devices, serving to validate both the identity and purchased device, and then enabling them to obtain financial products leading to lucrative rewards?"

Our thinking in telecommunications

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