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The SIRA Case Management module provides a powerful, enhanced case management functionality that enables additional multiple referrals to be brought together into one case. The module also allows additional external information to be logged against a case, updated and used for management purposes, and to aid with the communication of fraud cases with enforcement agencies.

Integrating our module into your SIRA configuration provides a strategic enhancement of your investigation processes.

The Case Management module stores a wide variety of investigation information from multiple referrals all in one file to help your investigation team to promptly keep track of investigation work carried out by various members of your team .

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Reporting Capabilities Reporting Capabilities Enhanced management information enables you to report on successes, whilst being assured that you can identify, monitor and address problems which may arise.
Improved Collaboration   Improved Collaboration  By having the ability to upload a wide variety of investigation documentation into a case the system enhances your ability to collaborate with enforcement agencies by having all related documents held in one place.
Streamlined Streamlined By leveraging existing SIRA data into cases and thanks to a simple user interface and efficient workflow capability, the solution helps reduce unnecessary overheads and streamlines the user journey.
Enhance EfficiencyEnhance Efficiency The use of case milestones and reminders will ensure that an efficient investigation process is followed and that key steps are performed, reducing the chances of a case being inappropriately dealt with or the wrong decision being reached.

Case Management

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