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The Employee Vetting solution provided by Synectics Solutions offers a flexible employee screening service that enables clients to screen their potential employees and existing employees against a combination of National SIRA and other third party data sources.

Your Employees are the most valuable asset within your organisation, and it’s important that the right individuals are employed. They represent your brand, so employers must ensure the right people support their brand’s reputation.

The cost of a bad hiring decision can result in a number of costly outcomes, some of which can be far higher than many companies realise once reputational damage, potential criminal proceedings and the risk of fraud are considered.

Employee Vetting

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Flexible The methodology and frequency of the Employee Vetting solution is completely flexible to ensure you have full control of the screening process. Checks can be conducted on a regular or ad-hoc basis and can be screened online (via an automated feed) or offline.


Secure All the Employee Vetting service’s capabilities are performed within a secure environment, ensuring your employees' and potential employees’ information is presented and returned in a secure manner.


Accurate Provides enhanced due diligence and supports regulatory compliance by allowing users to screen and conduct background checks on new / existing employees using a variety of data sources, including DVLA, DDRI and CIFAS.

Gain Confidence

Gain Confidence As well as reducing the risk of insider fraud and the associated losses hitting your organisation, the solution has the ability to positively identify genuine applications, providing you with reassurance that you are taking precautions to reduce your exposure to fraudulent applicants.

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