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At a time of devastation and upheaval, fraud is so easily committed by mistake or intent by families across the UK following a loved one’s death.

As the family or carer entrusted with settling finance matters begins the process of probate, oversights may happen alternatively, so can the process of using the deceased’s identification for illicit purpose.

Mortality screening allows you to easily identify those individuals who either purposely or accidentally continue to claim benefits and services, reserved for those who were eligible to receive them prior to death. This enables you to discontinue the payments and potentially reclaim thousands in overpayments.

Cabinet Office

Fraud and error as a result of death was the largest single area highlighted in 2016-2018 National Fraud Initiative seeing a growth of over 70% from the previous reporting period, 2014-2016.

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Mortality screening service is provided as a part of the National Fraud Initiative (NFI), a sophisticated data matching exercise that we have provided for the Cabinet Office since 1996. It identifies matches within data between public and private sector bodies enabling them to detect and prevent fraud.

The NFI data is provided by some 1,200 participating organisations from across both public and private sectors. Crucially, our mortality screening services provides matching to data provided by the Department for Work and Pensions, enabling you to identify those deceased individuals within your database who you still provide with payments and services. This could include:

  • Continuation of pension payments
  • Identify theft
  • Continuation to claim other services after death of the claimant

The ability to install a robust mortality screening programme is more affordable than you think. Linked with the impact on budgets could make by not allowing fraud to continue unchecked for long periods of time has to be a priority.

The requirement for good quality, regularly updated data is crucial as part of a robust customer management process and none more so for organisations who need to protect themselves from fraud.

We recommend data screening is performed every 6 months to detect uninformed deaths also limiting the value of benefits or cost of services that may have built up. This allows you to take positive action supporting families who have innocently forgotten to inform you of changes as well as identify and stop fraudulent activity.

The Benefits

Unique and flexible

Our data source is enhanced to include National Insurance numbers and the records of deaths of UK citizens abroad.

This unique data is exclusively available through the NFI mortality screening service.

Using sophisticated matching techniques, we ensure you receive accurate and comprehensive results.

The screening is available every 6 months (with data submission in June and November) allowing you to limit the number of payments made to the deceased.

Providing data for screening is quick, simple and easy to do.

We are able to provide a flexible and affordable solution for schemes of all sizes.


Pension schemes taking part in NFI mortality screening between 2016 and 2018 identified over £144 million of fraud and overpayments.

The NFI has been undertaking mortality screening for nearly two decades and provides a regular service to many blue-chip company pension schemes in the UK as well as local and central government schemes.

Cost Effective

The NFI uses advanced data matching techniques that can replace the time, expense and uncertainty involved in sending life certification forms to verify the existence of a pensioner.

The NFI fee scale is transparent and based on the volume of records you wish to screen.

Fraud and error as a result of death grew to £144.8m in 2016-2018 versus £85.1m in 2014-2016 as highlighted in the National Fraud Initiative report.

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