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Orion from Synectics Solutions offers one of the most sophisticated and proven financial crime link analysis tools available today.

The system’s visualisation and analysis functionality provides our clients with the ability to easily identify existing and emerging suspicious network activity, enabling the identification of potential organised crime threats.

Orion can either be fully integrated with Synectics Solutions’ SIRA system to provide an enterprise wide financial crime prevention solution or it can be deployed as a standalone link analysis and visualisation system capable of analysing and integrating with any third party database.

Already over £24 billion under investigation each year with Orion networks
Providing users with an enviable array of leading edge functionality to take their fraudulent link analysis and investigations to the next level
 leading edge functionality

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We knew the SIRA and Orion software from Synectics had been proven in the finance and insurance sectors and were keen to see how they could complement what we already had in place. It's our mission to root our rogue traders before they enter on to our database and SIRA and Orion are perfect partners to help us achieve this goal.


Gareth Grobler, Fraud & Risk Manager

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Identifying threats from complex fraud networks can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re experiencing this kind of problem, then Orion can help you to more easily identify and act to prevent organised fraud from impacting your organisation

Ensure your financial crime team can stay ahead of complex organised fraud

Increasingly, fraud is committed by organised groups of individuals from remote or online locations, meaning it can be difficult to understand and detect when your organisation is being targeted until after it’s too late.

Orion can help your investigators to understand complex interactions better by using visualisations which enable them to identify previously hidden connections.

This sophisticated link analysis can help you to spot an emerging fraud network before it has the chance to impact your organisation.

Over 50,000 auto-generated networks are produced each year helping to prevent financial crime

Over 50,000 auto-generated networks are produced each year helping to prevent financial crime

Merely checking for data anomalies is no longer enough to tackle fraud

Analysing anomalies in data does not always unearth the complex patterns and relationships that exist in data networks. Sometimes, the significant data items which could identify an emerging fraud trend can be four or five degrees of seperation away from any apparent direct correlation.

To keep pace with the evolving nature of financial crime, an effective counter fraud team needs to adopt a multi-layered approach to fraud detection and prevention

Identify fraud patterns quickly and efficiently

Identify fraud patterns quickly and efficiently

Orion users can configure a range of automated network monitoring and generation capabilities, along with a sophisticated case referral workflow engine, to help identify and prioritise link analysis investigations. This process speeds up the ability to make good decisions from vast quantities of complex data.

Fully configurable to fit your needs

Synectics Solutions will work alongside you to integrate your Orion system successfully with your wider organisation to deliver the exact kind of solution that you require.

Fully configurable to fit your needs
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