With the speed at which customer interactions take place online, ever-increasingly, accurately predicting future behaviour based on past experience is becoming more essential to make fast, customer focused decisions. 

Precision is an enhanced suite of data analysis services which provides organisations with all the analytical capabilities and data science expertise they need to deliver a truly cost effective, predictive insight, enabling them to become more competitive.

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Most companies struggle to access the kind of data science and predictive techniques which would allow them to accurately predict future customer behaviour, based on past experiences, and so determine risk and which are good customers.

Synectics has partnered with DataRobot, a company which incorporates expertise from some of the world’s leading data scientists, in order to offer exactly this advanced functionality. Precision clients have access to these data scientists to help them create, evaluate and deploy the most appropriate techniques for their specific business requirements.



Precision is a fully hosted 'software as a service' (SaaS) solution. It provides access to leading data scientists, as well as providing a predictive modelling platform that's capable of analysing the largest of data sets and producing actionable results in real-time.

Highly accurate results through a multi-layered approach to data analysis

Precision's multi-layered approach offers the ability to combine machine learning functionality with leading edge data science to deliver incredibly fast and highly accurate insight and predictions that can transform a company's ability to make quicker, more successful decisions across a variety of scenarios.

Identify and respond to risks more quickly

Using Precision's sophisticated behavioural analytics and predictive scoring capabilities, you can unlock your ability to adopt a truly proactive approach to reducing fraud or financial crime by evolving your processes.

Profile good customers faster and improve the customer journey

Integrating Precision into operational data can deliver the ability to fine-tune a company's marketing or approvals process to deliver faster, more effective decision-making when approving or communicating with existing or potential customers.

Software that's capable of blending multiple data sources and leading-edge modelling techniques

The advanced Precision software is capable of incorporating a multitude of data sources to enable clients to leverage the widest possible base of intelligence when creating their predictive capacity.

Powerful but simple online access

API technology allows you to integrate Precision with your own systems

Highly configurable to suit your individual needs

Batch & Real-time Data Processing

Evaluate large volumes of data Evaluate large volumes of data
Unlock the ability to have a proactive approach Unlock the ability to have a proactive approach
Respond quickly to future trends Respond quickly to future trends
Improve the customer journey Improve the customer journey

Precision Reporting

In order to make full use of the predictive analytics techniques and machine learning capabilities, all of our  SIRA clients will soon benefit from regular complimentary Precision insight reports. These will provide valuable intelligence relating to evaluated financial crime trends and emerging threats.

These insights can be leveraged by our clients to ensure that the correct defences are put in place, both in terms of enhancing configuration inexisting decision systems, and understanding the benefit of appropriate additional prevention services.

We will be releasing more services within the Precision product suite in the very near future.

For more details contact Osman Khurshid, Precision Product manager on 01782 664000.

Precision clients have direct access to the Synectics Solutions Business Intelligence (BI) Team
Precision clients have direct access to the Synectics Solutions Business Intelligence (BI) Team

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