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Our high performance, Real-Time Quote Screening service allows National SIRA members to leverage their fraud checks at the point of quote.

Credit and Underwriting decision making can now incorporate fraud risk data into pricing algorithms in real-time.  By executing these checks companies looking to underwrite policies, or other unsecured credit, can continue to reward good customers while appropriately managing their risks.

Powered by the shared National SIRA adverse database, the service comprises shared intelligence from the vast breadth of the SIRA membership, offering a more holistic understanding of risk at the earliest possible stage. 

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Enhanced Matching Enhanced Matching A powerful suite of rules generates matches across industry leading syndicated data in addition to your own, providing a more informed and accurate assessment of risk. Meaning good customers are rewarded with cheaper premiums.
Real-Time Real-Time  The solution is able to deliver a response in less than a tenth of a second. This can be incorporated within your in-flight decision process, thus enabling you to provide a better customer experience while also providing confidence that products are priced appropriately.
Responsive Responsive Crucial information returned within the response message provides you with the ability to appropriately tailor your risk apportionment to suit your business needs and risk appetite.
Enhance EfficiencyEnhance Efficiency By managing risk appropriately, at the earliest stage, you're able to enhance the operational efficiency of your teams, allowing them to focus on priority investigations and effectively deliver high quality results.

99.75% of responses are returned within les than 0.1 seconds

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