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SIRA is a comprehensive fraud prevention and detection solution from Synectics Solutions that is already successfully deployed in a large number of insurance and financial service companies throughout the world.

The system brings together a multitude of machine learning algorithms and comprehensive workflow management to put real control into the hands of front line investigation teams.

SIRA has been known to create as much as a 30% uplift in high risk policy identification for insurance clients
SIRA has been known to create as much as a
30% uplift
in high risk policy identification for insurance clients

The National SIRA database is growing at a rate of >35,000 entries per month

The SIRA National adverse database is growing at a rate of 35,000 entries per month

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SIRA offers a fully integrated fraud detection and prevention solution which can help you to maintain the trust of your customers, assist you in achieving regulatory compliance needs and help reduce your loss values.

Enrich your intelligence with multiple data sources

As well as having access to the syndicated National SIRA database, SIRA has the ability to be integrated with a variety of third party data sources. By integrating additional data sets such as ID verification services, PEPs and Sanctions data as well as renowned services such as Cifas and CRIF you can increase the level of sophistication in your fraud screening process to enable you to identify more potential risks.

Combine enriched data with organised workflow

The sophisticated workflow management module and task referral capabilities of SIRA enable you to profile, rank and prioritise referrals or investigations in an optimal way to enable your fraud investigations to deal with an ever growing case load of investigations.

Benchmark your exposure to adverse activity

As a SIRA client you will have access to numerous analytical services, enabling you to benchmark your exposure to fraud across your business sector. This can help you to identify whether there are any weaknesses in your business processes and determine your best course of action.

Fully configurable for business specific situations

Here at Synectics Solutions we understand that no business is the same. That is why the SIRA product can be customised to fit your exact business model. Rather than tailoring your business to fit a standalone product, we can personalise SIRA to fit your requirements.

Tick Reduce false positives
Tick Fast track good customers
Tick Organise and prioritise your workflow
Tick Secure access wherever you are working

The SIRA platform can be integrated with a number of Core Modules to further enhance the system.

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SIRA is already deployed in a large number of banks and financial services companies throughout the world. SIRA has helped to address a wide variety of requirements, including:

  • Reduce losses
  • Maintain client trust
  • Be KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) compliant

Each year, in the UK alone, SIRA processes over:


SIRA is already deployed in many leading insurance providers in the UK and to a growing list of international clients. SIRA can help to address a wide variety of fraud and financial crime problems, including:

  • False policy details
  • Organised fraud
  • False claims
  • Staged accidents
  • Exaggerated claims
  • Third party collusion

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The syndicated National SIRA database provides our clients with a broader perspective on an applicant's behaviour by accessing adverse intelligence from a variety of other SIRA members. This enables our clients to make decisions with greater confidence and speed. SIRA's membership comprises of a range of organisations who all contribute to and share the intelligence that SIRA provides.

One Single View One Single View
Higher Visibility Higher Visibility
World of Data World of Data
Regulatory Compliance Regulatory Compliance
Scoring and Risk Ranking Scoring and Risk Ranking
Client Control Client Control
Enhanced Customer Experience Enhanced Customer Experience

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