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Providing post application checking and ongoing screening against chosen data sources, SIRA Recall effectively provides your organisation with full 'lifecycle' protection.

Working within the SIRA solution, Recall provides an on-going open account screening service of your entire customer portfolio, plus it identifies any increased exposure to risk . This protection against fraud and compliance-related-risk ensures that your data is always refined and up to date. .

The National SIRA database adds approximately 12,000 new deceased and fraud/ adverse records, each and every week from an ever growing client base. This means that Recall is able to regularly re-screen applications against up to date sources of intelligence.

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Regulatory Compliance  The wide variety of data sources help you to take a big step towards achieving compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines, reducing the potential for reputational damage, fines and prosecution.
Lifecycle Protection    Provides flexible and effective 'lifecycle' protection for financial crime, giving you the assurance that your client base is of a high standard and minimising any losses.
Customised Configuration   The frequency of screening and associated data sets to screen against can be easily changed when required, providing you the assurance that the solution meets your own unique risk appetite and requirements.
Complementary  Highly complementary to existing employee vetting procedures, Recall provides you a good understanding of the risk associated to your workforce and helps you reduce the risk of adverse impact.

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