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The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) is part of the UK Governments fraud prevention strategy and has been operating since 1996. Since this time it has helped to prevent over £1.4 Billion in losses to fraud for public and private organisations.

Historically the intelligence gathered by the NFI programme has only been available to Public Sector organisations in the UK. Synectics Solutions has been working with the Cabinet Office to evaluate the use of the National Fraud Initiative data sets within Private Sector Organisations to support the effective detection and prevention of fraud.



intelligence sources which could significantly enhance 
your ability to profile customer applications

With over 1/3 billion records and 22 data sources supplied by over 1,200 participating public sector bodies the NFI represents a unique opportunity to enhance your fraud and financial crime prevention capabilities.


Through its broad base of intelligence the NFI could help to provide a range of unique and nuanced analysis opportunities that could be highly relevant to the specific sectors in which your company is operating to help identify fraud or financial crime:

NFI data could help to improve your ability to identify a range of risk scenarios including:

Access information

not previously available from any standard counter fraud or risk assessment solutions.

Identify customers

who have no legal right to banking or other financial services in the UK.

Access reliable, accurate and regularly updated intelligence

that is used by both central and local government.

Build NFI insight

into your configurable SIRA decision rules to ensure that the analysis is specific to your sector or risk profiling strategies.

Connection 4

Provide a comprehensive data foot print

of all individuals within the UK.

Enhance your ability

to identify where individuals are attempting to engage in identity theft.


The NFI data is provided by all Local Authorities every two years in the UK, as part of the UK Governments mandated NFI data gathering exercise.

In addition to Local Authorities there are also a range of other participating organisations including; various Police Authorities, Probation Boards, Fire & Rescue Services. In total over 1300 organisations regularly contribute to the NFI.

The data included is comprehensive and includes:


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