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Bring your printed content to life with SYNSOL AR, the leading-edge augmented reality app from Synectics Solutions designed specifically for marketers and content creators.

As content marketing becomes more and more saturated with the same types of content delivered through the same mediums, it can be difficult to ensure your brand stands out against your competitors. Additionally, as we move further into the digital world, the way our consumers expect to receive, interact and digest information is massively changing.

To ensure your printed material makes the impact you expect, it must adapt to your consumers changing needs and requirements.

Transform your printed marketing materials with SYNSOL AR. Allow your consumers to scan and interact with rich digital content such as: videos, 3D models, image slideshows, sound clips and links embedded within your printed content.

Available to download now!




Allow consumers to visualise, interact with and inspect your products before they purchase with the latest 3D modelling technology and encourage them to proceed to purchase with interactive and engaging call to actions.


Combine printed marketing materials with online for the first time for a truly integrated brand experience. With SYNSOL AR, you can engage your consumers with interactive print and drive them to your digital web content, such as: case studies, whitepapers, reports, etc. to encourage conversions.


SYNSOL AR can be fully personalised with your own styling and theme giving you a bespoke app to embed your digital content into any print materials and ensuring your consumers stay completely immersed within your brand.


Simply download our free app onto your smartphone or tablet and bring images to life using Augmented Reality. Scan your phone over the image where you can see our SynSol AR logo and gain access to exclusive digital content from Synectics.


Download the latest version of SYNSOL AR from your app store.


Hold your phone over a page using SYNSOL AR whenever you see our AR icon.


Watch and interact with the content. Tap videos to go full screen and access related content with interactive buttons.

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