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The SIRA Transaction Monitoring System (TMS) stays on the look-out for suspicious activity across mortgage or savings accounts to ensure you can promptly stop fraud in its tracks and remove risk from your business.

We understand that strong prevention measures at the application stage are vital, but you can't fully mitigate risk without continuous monitoring of your customer base. TMS allows SIRA members to ensure they have the correct measures in place to minimise losses.

Financial crime methodologies such as account takeover, cashier fraud, and property hijacking, result in innocent people suffering. TMS from Synectics Solutions enhances your company's ability to monitor its customer accounts to ensure that you can catch those trying to perpetrate these kinds of crimes without negatively impacting honest customers' user experiences or transactions.

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Flexible  The flexible rule engine provides you with full control of your financial crime prevention strategy allowing you to tailor it to your organisational priorities and risk appetite.
Regulatory Compliance  UK AML regulations require financial institutions to take a risk based approach to their prevention strategies. TMS provides an extra layer of protection helping you to achieve compliance and ensuring that your organisation maintains a strong, trustworthy reputation.
Improved Customer Journey  The solution leverages an optimised and resilient processing engine that generates automated response messages which can be incorporated into your decision process. And this enables a better customer experience whilst also reducing the risk of fraud.
Clear View of Risk By implementing and maintaining full life-cycle protection across your customer base, you can establish a more accurate assessment of risk, protecting the reputation of your business, and assisting with compliance.

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