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Transform your financial crime risk management strategy for motor finance with SIRA

As the rates of financial crime speed up, it’s time to accelerate your response with an advanced solution that aligns perfectly to your business needs and shifts your risk management strategy into the next gear.

In the motor finance sector, threats from fraud and financial crime continue to escalate rapidly and regulatory requirements become ever more challenging. SIRA offers you a solution that can help you to address these issues to mitigate the most current threats as well as help to ensure you are compliant.

Application fraud accounted for 73% of fraud recorded in the National SIRA database for car finance and hire purchase records.

The power of collaboration to combat fraud

SIRA brings you the immense power and performance of a huge cross-sector syndicated database, contributed to by over 130 financial organisations. The system allows you to identify threats, mitigate risks and meet your regulatory obligations. SIRA enables you to extend your risk assessments beyond just HPI checks, to identify the threat posed by the individual applicant themselves. Plus, the real-time interface ensures a quick response to maximise revenues.

A proven winner for the motor finance market and one of the strongest defences against criminal attacks, SIRA puts you in the driving seat and on the road to a more effective financial crime strategy.

Customer verification

Providing real time customer verification, anti-fraud and regulatory screening

Regulatory compliance

SIRA provides customer due diligence to help you comply with your regulatory requirements including Know Your Customer.

Highly configurable

Capable of immediate response to a changing business environment and evolving threats.


Cross referencing millions of items of data from every sector with over 130 members of National SIRA.


Instant insight for informed decision making.


A single, integrated, flexible and customisable solution.

Drive your financial crime capabilities forward with a system that's...

Fast, flexible, agile and collaborative. SIRA seemlessly integrates with your current financial crime strategies and enables a fast, flexible and efficient operation.
SIRA for Motor Finance is an all-in-one risk mitigation platform which speeds up customer finance applications by providing real-time ID verification, and anti-fraud screening, which ensures that regulatory obligations are being met, and helps you identify threats quicker, mitigate risks and maximise revenues.

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