Synectics Solutions has scooped nominations in no less than four of the Sentinel newspaper’s Business Awards categories for 2017.

The business is a global leader in sophisticated data processing and intelligence and has been recognised as worthy contenders for the Science and Technology, International Trade and the prestigious Business of the Year titles while Managing Director, Carol Shanahan, has been shortlisted in the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The annual awards seek to shine a spotlight on businesses leading the pack and on businesspeople who deserve special recognition.

Carol started Synectics Solutions, based in Burslem, with her husband Kevin 25 years ago and said she was “absolutely thrilled” to be nominated. 

She added: “The business wouldn’t be where it is without the incredible hard work and dedication of its amazing employees and for that to be highlighted with these nominations is truly special. 

“I’m also flattered to be nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year. It’s sometimes easy to forget when you’re doing the day job, but what we’ve done here not just in the last year but since we founded Synectics, is far from normal.” 

Companies and individuals will be presented with their prizes when the winners are announced at a glittering awards ceremony at the King's Hall in Stoke on March 30.

About Synectics Solutions

Synectics Solutions is a pioneering data solutions and software development firm which has been providing cutting-edge software products to clients across the finance, insurance, automotive, public sector, and private sectors for over 25 years. Focused on fighting crime and protecting clients against fraud, its products are able to spot patterns and identify networks invisible to the human eye.

For more information about Synectics Solutions, please call 01782 664000 or email [email protected].