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Digital transformation has accelerated through 2020 changing the banking and finance landscape forever. Digital-first players are entering the market and re-writing the rules of engagement. More customers than ever are demanding a full online experience, in real time. The challenge is to digitise at pace without compromising your risk strategy.


Our solutions are built around your business needs and allow a friction-right onboarding experience for the customer from the point of application right throughout their full life-cycle.


After just two months of working our usual amount of applications we saw a 20% uplift in the amount of third party adverse identified.

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Discover how our network detection tool helped a Tier 1 bank tackle “Unauthorised Introducers” head on and save £3M in the process.

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Our predictive analytics tool reduced investigations by 50% and reduced losses to fraud by as much as 60%

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Built by our experts for the banking and finance industry


Understand the current and future risk associated with your customer base.


Quickly onboard the right customers and easily identify those that need further investigation.


Make sure the accounts you do business with haven’t been compromised.


Knowing who you are doing business with is not only a regulatory requirement but a moral obligation.


Our data solutions help you avoid costly fines for regulatory non-compliance.


Pre-screen employees, Brokers and partners BEFORE doing business.


When issues are identified let us help you manage your recovery.


Outsource complex or sensitive investigations to our team of experts.

Chris Lewis, Synectics Solutions with UK Finance

“APP fraud represents one of the biggest headaches for banks and financial institutions. Discover how technology has helped assess the risk of loss before a digital transfer take place.”

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Why Synectics for Banking and Finance

We have worked within finance and banking for over 25 years and processed over 738M new finance and insurance applications in 2020.

A single view of your fraud landscape, supported by sector wide intelligence – invaluable to see how your fraud defences stack up against the competition, and critical when trying to identify the latest fraud typologies.

Experts on hand - data scientists are a rare and valuable asset, we employ them so you don’t have to.

Secure remote access – critical for the operation of dispersed workforces. As more customers make the move online, don’t let remote working compromise your approach to risk.

Drive efficiencies through the smart use of workflows and case management tools, detecting more fraud shouldn’t mean working more cases.

Rationalise your supplier base, enrich your local data easily within one platform, instantly accessing the likes of IFB, CUE, PEPs and Sanctions information.

Trusted and effective.

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