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Discover how we have helped solve our clients' challenges across a range of industries
Why we do what we do?
Broadening understanding by bringing organisations together to share data and intelligence has been the lifeblood of Synectics business for many years.
Our experience in creating collaborative structured and unstructured data solutions from both public and private sector information is unrivalled, It's this pioneering spirit that has helped to protect and enhance our clients' ability to succeed in markets all around the world.
How we do it
As a company we're focused on engineering applications and data solutions that allow clients to analyse and make sense of their data.
Using some of the very latest software and data modelling techniques we empower them to answer their many complex business challenges by turning information into accurate, timely and reliable intelligence.
Delivering solutions how and where clients need them
We're also aware that our clients understand their challenges better than we do.
So we listen and work very closely with them to ensure the solutions we provide are the right fit, and also accelerate their time to value faster by delivering solutions through a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) platform.
By people who care about our clients' success
In short we believe our clients are our greatest innovators.
We hire people who care about what they build, are motivated to work in partnership with them and are driven to help them develop their ideas, their ambitions, and their businesses.

A few things we've achieved

Synectics has solutions deployed in over 14 countries around the world

We are a 'critical' solutions provider to many of the world's biggest financial brands

Are a team of over 370 people based in Stoke on Trent in the UK

Have helped the UK government save over £1.7 billion in losses to fraud

Were awarded the Queens Award for innovation in 2019 for the solutions we build

Prevented over £4.8 billion being lost to fraud for UK Banks and Insurers

Over 20 API's in place with global data providers in our data marketplace

Are a UK Government Specified Anti-Fraud Organisation

Process over 1 Billion sub second responses to clients annually

The things we value

Recognising the 'sticky out bits'
As a company, we don't just hire resource, we employ the whole person and recognise that all of our people have their 'sticky-out bits' - the quirky elements that make you who you are. Our staff matter, they aren't just a number.
Being intense, fun, passionate, and a little bit over-the-top
The Shanahan family axiom of 'there's no such thing as that's not my job' is embodied throughout our company, where the tenacity and excitement for getting things done overrides bureaucratic boundaries
Knowing we don't know it all
As a group, we are always in learning mode, and are self-motivated to continuously improve ourselves, our knowledge, and our skillsets. We are competitive about learning but we always keep it fun and value team success over individual success.
Not stopping until the job is done
Working hard is in our DNA; we go above and beyond what others consider "above and beyond". Our founders also like to remind us of the meaning of synectics: "the coming together of a group of diverse people to solve a common problem". We prioritise people above profits and are not afraid to take an unconventional, dynamic and innovative approach to how we do business.
Helping one another out
Collective activity is at the heart of everything we do and helping each other out is never too much trouble. We depend on our communal approach for our shared successes, building capabilities with our clients and partners where the whole is greater than the sum of our individual parts.

Our leadership team

Synectics is made up of technical pioneers, creative problem-solvers and fantastic communicators. The one thing that's shared between us all is that our values all align with the vaules that Synectics Solutions was founded on.

Richard Wood

Chief Executive Officer

Carol Shanahan


Kate Beardmore

Vice-Chair & Executive Director for People & Client Success

Kevin Shanahan


Ian Lewis

IT Strategy and Engineering Director

Rosie Shanahan


Marian Humphreys

Legal & Compliance Director

Rob Moorhouse

Finance Director

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