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With the advent of PSD2 and the UK’s open banking regulations in full effect, the sector is faced with transformational challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to data.

Opening up data via secure application programming interfaces (APIs), aims to shift financial services to open platforms for customers, who can take a modular approach to banking using products from different providers, or ‘banking as a platform’ (BaaP).

And with the fast paced developments in technology, the increasing threat of financial crime and the pressure to ensure customers remain satisfied with the speed and ease of service they receive – the financial services industry is seeing a huge shift the way they conduct business.


Organised fraud rose to 59.58% during 2017.


Technology innovations are lifting customer expectations for both convenience and security.


Data security and privacy is one of the biggest concerns for many financial organisations.

Helping you to stay ahead of the evolution

Synectics Solutions has been working with financial providers for over 25 years and has a sector-leading reputation for tackling financial crime such as fraud and money laundering to help organisations reduce losses and protect their business. Additionally we help clients to meet their compliance and regulatory commitments such as Know Your Customer and Know Your Business.

Our solutions are already deployed in over 50 banks and financial services organisations in the UK and throughout the world. We work with our clients to understand their specific challenges and identify or develop the right solutions to address them. Our current capabilities help us tackle existing and emerging challenges our clients face.

25 years'


We have over 25 years’ experience of working with Tier 1 banks and leading financial services providers

77 Million


Each year over 77 million finance and insurance applications are processed through our systems


Saved for clients

We have helped save our clients over £5 billion that may have otherwise been lost to financial crime

"The solution allows us to quickly and effectively determine risks associated with applicants, thus ensuring that low risk applications, where no indicators have triggered, are able to progress straight through the customer boarding process. As a result, the customer is able to board with us in a matter of minutes."

Our thinking in banking and finance

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