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Empower your utility service with National Fraud Initiative intelligence and prevent millions in losses

In just three months, Synectics helped four utility providers to save over £3 million in lost revenue through our partnership with the National Fraud Initiative

Save Your Company Millions in Lost Revenue

A surprising number of utility social-tariff customers won’t be entitled to the discount they receive. And many ‘void’ accounts will have been granted incorrectly. These ineligible or incorrect discounts are costing utility providers millions.

Improve the Clarity of a Customer’s Footprint & Enhance Your CRA Checks

Utility providers frequently miss fraud. This is because CRA matching alone can't accurately verify a customer's claim. But thanks to our data analysis expertise and unique access to the National Fraud Intelligence database, you'll have a much clearer customer footprint and picture of household composition. So your customer assessments will be more accurate — significantly reducing the number of incorrectly awarded discount claims and increasing your company’s revenue.


Revolutionise your decision making for discounted tariffs and void accounts with our data analysis expertise and unique access to the NFI’s huge collaborative database.

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"The pilot showed that 45% of the discounted and void customer accounts that were flagged for investigation by using the NFI intelligence were fraudulent. For those companies in the pilot this represented £3 million worth of fraudulent or incorrectly awarded discount claims. Along with customers unlawfully obtaining discounted tariffs, undisclosed residency also posed a significant problem for the water companies. In fact, Synectics discovered that over 74% of the void accounts referred for investigation from just one company were fraudulent."


  • In just three months, we helped four utility companies to save over £3 million by identifying thousands of fraudulently obtained discount tariffs. To find out how our data analysis expertise and NFI access can help your organisation reduce fraud and increase revenue, get in touch today.

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