Customer success story: Sky Mobile

Synectics teamed up with Sagacity and FICO to reduce bad debt and missed customer payments for Sky Mobile, resulting in an award-winning fraud prevention programme.

During a strategic review, Sky noted an opportunity to improve how it detects mobile phone contract applicants with No Intent to Pay (NITP) risk. Despite being a prolific fraud typology, NITP is a notoriously hard-to-reach issue. Due to detection challenges, NITP losses are often written off as credit risk and financial health suffers.

So, Sky set out to build a new NITP strategy for mobile phone customers, enlisting the expertise of Sagacity, FICO and Synectics in a tripartite project.


The results are remarkable. Sky forecasts that it will slash annual bad debt by £4.6m and reduce the number of customers missing their first payment by 1.7%.


Hear more about Sky Mobile's story and how our tripartite team delivered such game-changing results below.  



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