Digital ID Campaign Week: Are digital ID privacy concerns outdated?

For over two decades, Digital ID has been quietly evolving, often overshadowed by more prominent technological advancements. Despite its subtle progress, Digital ID hasn't experienced a defining moment of widespread recognition.

Technological breakthroughs typically have a distinct "before and after" impact, but Digital ID's journey has been more gradual, with ongoing discussions and challenges particularly around privacy concerns.

These debates sometimes hinder progress and can cause financial service providers to lag in meeting customer expectations.

Chris Lewis, our Head of Solutions recently sat down with TechUK to clarify some of these misconceptions as part of Digital ID Campaign Week.

Key topics covered include:

  • Revisiting the Digital ID Privacy Concerns: Are these concerns still relevant, and how have they evolved?
  • Emerging Trends in Digital ID Demand: What do the latest statistics indicate about public acceptance and usage?
  • The Rising Norm of Digital IDs: Are we nearing a tipping point for widespread adoption?
  • Digital vs. Physical IDs: Why are digital IDs considered safer?
  • Strategies for Accelerating Digital ID Adoption: What steps can FSPs take to encourage more widespread use?

You can read the full article on TechUK’s website here.

Or, to ask how you can use digital ID verification to achieve your counter-fraud objectives, click here.

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