Gender Pay Report 2023

In 1992, Synectics Solutions was founded on the ideals of working closely with employees and clients to leverage technology and enable better decisions to be made from the intelligent use of data.

We’re very proud of our company culture and have worked hard over the years to create an environment in which staff of all gender identities can truly flourish. An environment where they are supported to grow as professionals as well as evolving and innovating the products and services that we provide to our customers.

This is the seventh Gender Pay Report for Synectics that has been produced in response to the UK Government’s requirement to analyse and report on any gaps in pay or reward between genders.

Our report illustrates the position for Synectics Solutions as of March 2023 for our entire company. The results of our analysis show that there was a gender pay gap within the company of 20.05%.

"We know diverse and inclusive teams are more creative, make better decisions and overall have a higher level of performance. We are committed to creating a diverse workforce."

Natalie Simpson, Head of People. 

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