Sagacity and Synectics Solutions Data Partnership for Identifying Customers and Preventing Tariff Fraud in Utilities

Sagacity and Synectics Solutions’ have formed a strategic partnership that provides an Enhanced Occupier Identification solution that enables utilities providers to identify cases of tariff fraud as well as their occupiers and vulnerable people through data, as they bid to target Ofwat and Ofgem commitments around customer service, the Priority Services Register (PSR) and specifically for water companies, properties falsely listed as empty.

Leveraging Sagacity’s extensive experience of identifying occupiers in utilities alongside Synectics Solutions’ data capabilities and access to the National Fraud Initiative (NFI), providers can proactively identify bill payers, tariff ineligibility and fraudulent claims allowing them to build an accurate and compliant customer base. In combining the NFI’s Cabinet Office datasets with Land Registry and Credit Bureau data, a richer data picture is produced, ensuring providers know their customer and are better placed to understand tariff eligibility and provide additional support to the most financially vulnerable.

In a time where the cost of living is on the rise and utility bills have sky rocketed, it is crucial that utilities providers have an accurate customer base, know who their bill payers are and know whether their existing tariffs are the right ones for them. This includes assessing tariff fraud to ensure additional support is not expended on those who don’t need it, and is available for those that need it most.

With the identification of occupiers and validating residency an increasing focus, coupled with challenges in tariff fraud and supporting financially vulnerable customers, utilities providers are under increasing pressure from regulators and the economic climate to be proactive in delivering help. This is where knowing your customer comes to the forefront. It is the enabler that allows the identification of bill payers for void properties, the prevention of tariff fraud and protection of vulnerable people.


Anita Dougall, CEO & Founding Partner at Sagacity said:The Sagacity-Synectics partnership is a powerful combination of data expertise and utilities experience which will help end customers and their utilities providers.

“Our Enhanced Occupier Identification solution utilises specialist datasets to proactively identify bill payers and address their tariff eligibility. This ensures providers are well placed to tackle multiple challenges including understanding who their customers are, tariff fraud, regulatory requirements such as the Priority Services Register, and supporting financially vulnerable customers. This firstly benefits the customer but in getting it right, the provider benefits too, by maximising revenue opportunities through more accurate billing.”

Murray Raw, Head of Business Development at Synectics Solutions, added: “Like us, Sagacity’s ethos is to use data for good. We believe that through this unique partnership we can help to ease the strain caused by the rises in wholesale energy prices for utilities providers and those most vulnerable in society. The unique NFI intelligence that we manage on behalf of the Cabinet Office, coupled with Sagacity’s breadth of expertise and experience within the Utilities sector, has the potential to vastly improve the way that providers are able to verify eligibility for social tariffs, improving billing and reducing fraud.”



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