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Why Enterprise Fraud prevention?

The ultimate goal of those tasked with preventing losses to fraud or other financial crime is to stop it from penetrating their company’s defences in the first place. It’s widely accepted that this approach is far more effective than detecting it once it has already penetrated your organisation.

Additionally fraud teams are being tasked with making sure that the systems and processes they have in place to protect their business don’t adversely affect the ‘good customer’ journey and make them uncompetitive. Quite a challenge in an age when various types of financial crime are a growing problem that is also becoming more complex and difficult to address.


9/10 fraudulent applications for all financial products are made online


Prevent losses associated with financial crime by integrating data matching, network analysis and predictive analytics


Identity fraud is a growing issue as the nature of fraud and financial crime evolves

Benefits of deploying an enterprise fraud prevention system

In order to be successful, companies need to adopt a multi-layered approach to addressing fraud that helps them identify and address the complex nature of criminal organisations, or individual opportunists, who are looking to perpetrate fraud - without compromising competitiveness.

By integrating services like data matching with network visualisation and predictive analysis it’s possible to achieve a fraud prevention and detection matrix that delivers a defence capable of dealing with the most challenging aspects of financial crime to prevent fraud and predict risk much earlier.


By integrating Synectics Solutions modular enterprise fraud prevention systems financial services providers including; retailers, banks, insurers and telecommunications companies have access to a truly leading edge fraud prevention solution that has the ability to address the most challenging types of fraud.

The Synectics Enterprise Fraud System delivers a cost effective capability that reduces losses, increases efficiencies, improves fraud detection rates, creates no disruption to existing systems, and has a positive effect on your organisational key performance indicators.


SIRA and the National SIRA database offers one of the most comprehensive and up to date fraud detection and prevention solutions available. Leveraging the analysis that the National SIRA database provides means that clients are able to derive some of the most accurate cross sector fraud insight when vetting their customers.


Precision’s enhanced suite of data modelling and predictive analytics capabilities allows you to leverage the latest in data science, and enable your team to become better at identifying fraud, reducing false positives - ultimately becoming much more effective at predicting risk before it impacts your business.


Orion is a proven network visualisation solution that has been built with fraud detection and prevention at its core. It has a range of out-of-the-box functionality that will quickly get your investigation team able to deal with and prevent complex, organised fraud quickly and effectively.

We have discovered that the machine learning, risk scoring and prioritisation capabilities of precision could help reduce our losses to fraud by as much as 60%, whilst at the same time reducing the number of investigations by 50%.
Gareth Bentley, Financial Crime Manager

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