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FraudHub empowers Local Authorities, Government Agencies, and Housing Associations who want to work together, to regularly and effectively screen their collective data in order to prevent errors in processing payments and to reduce fraud. 

The FraudHub solution is always available, enabling you to conduct fraud investigations and data screening whenever and wherever you need to.

For a full list of fees associated with the National Fraud Initiative please see the below website:

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We understand that Local Authorities are facing some very difficult decisions - balancing the provision of quality services, to the most vulnerable in society, in the most cost-effective manner. 

FraudHub enables you to work with a group of like-minded organisations of your choice to share intelligence and insight, and so help identify potential fraud quickly in order to reduce losses and provide the best quality service for your genuine customers. 

FraudHub is modelled on the successful and secure National Fraud Initiative (NFI) platform

The NFI is a sophisticated data matching exercise, operated in partnership with the Cabinet Office, that matches data between public and private sector bodies to prevent or detect fraud. As a FraudHub Member you will be able to match against 1/3 of a billion records!

To find out more about the data included in the NFI dataset, click here

Imagine giving your staff the power to check for fraud or verify an individuals right to benefits and services at just the touch of a button.

A FraudHub is super easy to set up, and all you need to do is decide who you want to share data with. Synectics Solutions will provide all of the infrastructure and training. FraudHub allows Members to screen new applications as well as existing customers records against a number of datasets. Members can choose what they want to match, and when they wish to make those matches. 


Imagine giving your staff the power to check for fraud or verify an individuals right to benefits and services at just the touch of a button.


The FraudHub system allows members to submit data at any point in time to match to data from others within their FraudHub - as well as other data sources that may have been incorporated into their specific FraudHub configuration.

Sharing intelligence between organisations is a fundamental part of moving towards a more preventative strategy to combat fraud.

FraudHub offers many benefits to organisations that want to work together to reduce the risk of fraud , including;

Reduces the risk of your organisation falling victim to fraud by stopping invalid or fraudulent claims from existing customers.

+ Stops the provision of payments a claimant is no longer entitled to.

+ Reduces the number of mandated referrals that need investigation, as many will have already been identified and dealt with ahead of audit timescales. 

+ Minimises current and future administration and investigation costs by staying ahead of your investigation caseload.

+ Mitigates fraud risk, enabling you to reduce your losses. 

+ Lowers false positive rates to enable you to prioritise investigations by department. 

+ Increases customer satisfaction levels by providing an enhanced boarding process which leverages an efficient and robust validation mechanism. 

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