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When customers' circumstances change you can't be sure they have informed you of these, preventing you from making the necessary adjustments to benefits or services.

ReCheck allows you to retrospectively check existing customer records against one of the most sophisticated data sets available to identify these changes eliminating over payments and reducing the financial loss to your organisation.

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ReCheck from the Cabinet Office can help you to manage your existing customers by:

Reducing the risk
  • Reducing the risk of your organisation falling victim to fraud by stopping invalid or fraudulent claims from existing customers
  • Reducing and stopping the provision of payments a claimant is no longer entitled to
  • Reducing the number of mandated referrals that need investigation, as many will have already been identified and dealt with ahead of audit timescales
  • Reducing administration and future investigations costs by staying ahead of investigation caseloads
  • Reducing the fraud risk by enabling you to prioritise investigation by department


ReCheck is accessible through our web application and can be made available to multiple departments or users within your organisation. It allows you to check existing data files at a time and frequency defined by you and return the results quickly and clearly.

ReCheck allows you to run your own "Campaigns" searching for commonalities within your datasets and/or against one of the most sophisticated data sets available. Search criteria is already established delivering you the best possible results in identifying fraud within your customer files.

Case Study: Matches between council tax and electoral registration data Solihull MBC identified a significant number of residents who had been receiving single person discount inappropriately. The council has not only withdrawn over £160,000 of discounts, but it has also investigated how long the discounts had been awarded wrongly. As a result, it found that many residents had been wrongly receiving discounts for at least a year so checking on a more frequent basis was critical.


ReCheck will alert you about fraud within your existing customer database.

It can provide the positive reassurance you are taking precautions, to reduce your exposure to fraud. This will enable you to make payments and provide a greater confidence they are correct and genuine.

By regular matching and checking you will be aware of changes in your existing customer files as they happen, reducing the time and the financial cost, fraudulent claims can add up to when they go undetected.

Data Search Possible fraud or error
Pension payments to records of deceased people Obtaining or retaining the pension payments of a dead person or relative
Housing benefit payments to payroll records Failing to declare an income while claiming housing benefit
Payroll records to immigration records Obtaining employment while not entitled to work in the UK
Blue badge records to records of deceased people A blue badge being used by someone who is not the badge holder
Housing benefit payments to records of housing tenancy Claiming housing benefit despite having a housing tenancy elsewhere
Council tax records to electoral register Claiming council tax single person discount but the person is living with other countable adults and so does not qualify for a discount
Payroll records to other payroll records An employee is working for one organisation while being on long-term sick with another
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