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With increasing pressure on organisations to fully understand who they are selling products to, plus the demand from customers for instant access to financial and insurance products, service providers have a fine balancing act to undertake underwriting business competitively and without risk.

SIRA Real-Time from Synectics Solutions gives you access to the very latest information on potential high risk applications, to enable you to make truly informed decisions at all stages of the customer application process.

  "Businesses need to implement financial crime prevention systems that provide actionable information, to help them quickly assess the risk associated with an application, without disrupting the customers' journey."

The dynamic nature of SIRA Real-Time means you can create bespoke verification, risk and compliance checks using your own local data, but also match to data held in the UK's largest database of known fraud cases, in addition to a number of leading third-party data sources.

SIRA Real-Time gives you the flexibility to screen customers against those submissions that were previously considered as genuine or clear and increase efficiencies so your team can identify and address the most serious cases of financial crime first.

This new functionality will help you to be more agile and identify the emerging patterns in applications, as well as detect the manipulation of applications throughout the customer boarding journey.

SIRA Real-Time will give you...

Compared to traditional batch data matching systems, SIRA Real-Time will help you provide customers with a decision in a matter of seconds, rather than hours or even days. What's more, all decisions and outcomes are updated, with the ability to orchestrate and update the customer application in additional systems, the requirement for manual intervention. This helps smooth the customer journey, remove the risk of manual error.

SIRA Real-Time gives you the comfort that you are providing services to genuine customers in a time frame that satisfies them and you.

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