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Our experts will work with your team to give a detailed assessment of your current situation along with a number of sensible recommendations around resource, intelligence, technology

Ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements such as AML, KYB and KYC

We can help you keep up with a shifting regulatory landscape, to stay ahead of compliance obligations

Ensure that your financial crime prevention and detection strategy is the best it can be.

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Webinar: How Consortium Data Sources Help to Drive Improvements in Fraud and Financial Crime Defences

Collaboration continues to be a key factor in preventing and detecting fraud and financial crime. In recognition of this the UK Government’s own 2019/20 Economic Crime Plan has made sharing intelligence between public and private sectors one of its top priorities. To explore this important area in more detail, during this year’s final webinar for UK Finance’s Economic Crime Academy, subject matter experts from Synectics Solutions and UK Finance will explore the opportunities and issues around collaboration and the continuing importance of sharing intelligence to help defeat various forms of economic crime. This webinar will give an analysis of what has been achieved over the last few years in this area - as well as sharing success stories to illustrate what good collaboration looks like across both private and public sector sources - and how to overcome the barriers to sharing key information. Other areas covered will include an analysis of how shared intelligence sources are essential to the future success of many AI and Predictive Analytic techniques, as well as advice from members of Synectics Financial Crime Intelligence team and Catriona Still (from the DCPCU) who explore a variety of public /private sector collaborative approaches in progress today. Some of the key objectives in this webinar are: Understanding the importance of collaboration to prevent fraud and financial crime Realising the challenges in adopting a collaborative approach Hearing real case studies from those who have adopted a collaborative approach in their financial crime prevention strategies


Tackling Fraud in Government with Data Analytics

The aim of this paper is to start a conversation with citizens, academia, industry, and across Government on the use of data and analytics to counter fraud. To help drive this conversation this paper is divided into three sections: 1. Using data to counter fraud An insight into the nature of counter fraud in Government and into the work being done in the Cabinet Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to advance the use of data and data sharing as part of the Government’s counter fraud strategy. 2. Some key challenges to making even more progress A summarisation of the key challenges identified by Government, industry, and academia in making more use of data for counter fraud. These are the issues we seeking your input and insights on. 3. Your voice Where we ask for your input on our key challenges; how could Government approach these issues and is there anything else we should be concerned about based on experiences in your own industries? In the rest of the document you will find the verbatim contributions from the public and private stakeholders – Government departments, academia, and industry – which are the source of the challenges identified in section 2.


Connect Edition 9: Platformification- Is it the Holy Grail for Financial Crime Risk Management?

Platformification: Find out why creating a single customer view of financial crime risk management is an essential component in securing the future of your organisation. Connect is a quarterly round up of trends, insight, features and opinions on fraud prevention and financial crime for the banking and insurance sectors, brought to you by Synectics Solutions. Download to learn: Why creating a Single Customer View (SCV) of financial crime risk management is an essential component in securing the future of your organisation. How a digital ID scheme could work, benefiting banks and financial organisations. More from our partners such as Emailage and Equifax. Also available are the links to our latest Synectics webinar and whitepaper on creating a single customer view which can be downloaded on our website.


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