A fraud leader's guide to new ID Verification Standards

Government plans will change how Financial Services organisations verify identities. To meet new best practices, fraud teams must do more to extend access for honest customers, while remaining compliant with ever-tightening processes. Is your fraud team set up to succeed?

Our Fraud Leader’s Guide to ID Verification standards is your blueprint to running an ID verification strategy which is compliant without creating barriers. Inside, we show you how to prepare for new Government-led ID verification best practices, so your teams can approve more good customers and power inclusive growth.

The full guide covers:

  • New standards your fraud team is expected to meet
  •  Best practices for inclusive growth that's compliant 
  • The biggest problems with current approaches 
  • The largest opportunities fraud teams can grasp
  • How to kickstart a new ID verification strategy 

This shift towards flexible, profile-based verification allows for a broader, more accurate assessment of an individual’s identity. This will enhance customer onboarding, compliance with regulatory standards and counter-fraud effectiveness. 

Chris Lewis, Head of Solutions  

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