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Our platform helps you to simplify data complexity and transform your approach to risk management, financial crime and fraud prevention by providing a unified, organisation-wide platform that reduces costs and delivers a sustainable risk management solution

App Store
Turn information into actionable intelligence with our App Store
Seamlessly configure and customise your platform with a comprehensive range of advanced plug n' play applications, capabilities and services to suit your specific needs.
Data Marketplace
Identify, Authenticate and Monitor Customers with confidence with the Data Marketplace
Understand the profile of your customers better with access to our marketplace of public, private, proprietary and open source intelligence sources.
Intelligence Hub
Manage data complexity simply, with the Intelligence Hub
Improve your customer’s digital on-boarding journey with the ability to orchestrate the integration and response of any data to make accurate and timely decisions for a friction-right process.

Why our Risk Management, Financial Crime and Fraud Prevention Platform?

Transform your approach to risk, financial crime and fraud prevention.

Accelerate your customer
on-boarding process

Meet the fast boarding process that your customers demand without compromising on the range and sophistication of your fraud and financial crime risk analysis.

Align financial crime defence with your business objectives

Reduce siloed working and adapt to changes in both regulation or financial crime risks across your organisation without compromising your ability to get products to market.

Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance

Comply with key regulations such as 5MLD & PSD2 and create effective treatment strategies to improve customer relationships and reduce costs through continually monitoring customers.

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Our platform in action

Discover how our platform is being deployed by some of our clients.

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