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Maximise the efficiency of how you manage the activities within your organisation

Seamlessly configure and customise your platform with a comprehensive range of advanced plug n' play software apps and design tailored treatment strategies to outcomes that are aligned to specific commercial goals.

Whether its workflow management, link analysis, predictive analysis or other essential data applications AppStore has a comprehensive range of advanced and well proven functionality that will enable you to cost effectively transform your organisations approach to compliance or financial crime risk.

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Private Sector

A comprehensive range of specific applications developed for private sector.


The industry leading collaborative fraud prevention and detection solution.



Secure the future of your business with the power of predictive insight.



Reduced risk, lower costs and a better customer experience through ongoing KYC, AML and customer remediation monitoring



Identify links and networks associated with organised crime and prevent it from impacting your organisation.


Case Management

A powerful suite of tools to enable additional information to be logged, updated and used for the management of risk investigations.


RTQ Application Quote Screening

Our high performance, Real-Time Quote Screening service allows you to perform fraud checks at the point of quote.


Transaction Monitoring System

Stay on the lookout for suspicious activity to promptly stop fraud and remove risk as it occurs.


Public Sector

Advanced and successful applications developed for public sector.


Using NFI databases to enable public sector organisations or companies working within it to prevent fraud or mistaken payments from impacting them.



Enables like-minded organisations to work together to prevent and detect fraud.



Our automotive solution can help improve your profitability through increased customer retention.

Auto Finance Renewal Platform

Provides dealerships with easy to use lead management and sales funnel functionality, allowing them to manage customer communications depending on where the customer is in their finance renewal cycle.


Auto Finance Configurator

A scalable and proven application to optimise the credit, finance and insurance options automotive brands are able to provide to their customers online.


Our platform in action

Discover how our platform is being deployed by some of our clients.

Podcast: Project Endeavour - Effective digital customer onboarding and eKYC for banking

To listen to this podcast in full, please fill out your details at the bottom of this page. Project Endeavour is a ground-breaking pilot project to develop an electronic digital identity and risk assessment on-boarding solution for the financial services sector. Established by two leading UK based technology companies – Synectics Solutions and Yoti, who specialise in delivering digital identity and financial crime risk management solutions, Project Endeavour will enable financial services organisations to significantly reduce the time it takes to digitally verify a customers’ identity and perform real-time due-diligence checks as part of a comprehensive eKYC risk assessment. This podcast is hosted by Vesna McCreery – an expert in financial crime and risk with over 20 years’ experience of working with global banks and financial service providers. Vesna talks to Chris Lewis, Solutions Consultant at Synectics Solutions and Gareth Narinesingh, Commercial Director at Yoti about Project Endeavour and their aims and ambitions for the pilot. SPEAKERS Host Vesna McCreery Ansev Solutions Following a career of over twenty years in financial crime, Vesna founded Ansev Solutions. Ansev serves financial institutions of all sizes in all aspects of financial crime with a strong leaning towards the use of automation and regulatory technology. Ansev draws on Vesna’s extensive experience of practical implementation of laws and regulation, and on the expertise of the well selected partners especially in the reg-tech space. Speaker Gareth Narinesingh Yoti Gareth is Yoti’s Commercial Director for financial services. He delivers Yoti’s digital identity solutions within electronic KYC to combine a strong customer acquisition tool, great user experience and enhanced regulatory compliance. Before Yoti, Gareth spent 11 years working in various banking roles before serving as an FCA lead supervisor and then regulatory consulting at Deloitte. Speaker Chris Lewis Synectics Solutions Chris Lewis is a Solutions Consultant at Synectics Solutions. He is responsible for helping Synectics clients’ to identify, design and deliver innovative technology solutions to successfully address their business challenges. He works primarily in Financial Services, and stresses the importance of close collaboration between Business, Regulators, Consumers and Government in the fight against financial crime, fraud, error and misrepresentation. During this podcast you will learn about: Synectics Solutions and Yoti, and how they have collectively crafted over 30 years’ experience in delivering market-leading digital identity and financial crime risk management solutions How the application of technology to perform digital ID&V and CDD is being driven by changing regulations – and how this digital transformation can ease the on-boarding journey for both providers and customers How Project Endeavour will enable financial services providers to carry out real-time, digital ID&V, fraud and AML checks at the application inception stage How Project Endeavour will allow financial services providers to significantly reduce risk by utilising aggregated, market-leading data sources as part of their on-boarding process, to give a much broader picture of their customers. To listen to the podcast simply enter your details below. If you are a financial services provider and would like more information about Project Endeavour, or would like to take part in the pilot please email: [email protected] or [email protected]


The Modern Fraud Landscape and Reporting


Connect 11: Is poor quality data holding back your ability to enhance your financial crime strategy?

Is poor quality data holding back your organisation's ability to enhance its financial crime strategy? Connect is a quarterly round up of trends, insight, features and opinions on fraud prevention and financial crime for the banking and insurance sectors, brought to you by Synectics Solutions. Download to learn: COVID-19: Collaboration will be more important than ever in combating the financial risks that will ensue as a result of this global pandemic. The latest fraud trends and insights from our Financial Crime Intelligence Team.. Use cases on how unstructured data mining can help enhance fraud investigations and claims processing. How real-time, automated customer monitoring can deliver a cost effective, risk-based approach to KYC remediation and customer on boarding. Synectics’ Insurance Product Manager Chris Hallett provides a brief overview of the changes and challenges that the insurance industry is facing in the next 2-3 years.


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App store

Configure and customise your platform with a comprehensive range of apps to suit your specific needs.

Data marketplace

Access industry leading data resources and enrich your own data with access to a wide range of third party intellligence sources.


Intelligence Hub

Manage data complexity simply. We validate, cleanse and orchestrate your data, and transform increasingly complex data into easily managed formats.


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