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In today's interconnected, online world, detecting and controlling the amount of fraud and financial crime that’s perpetrated in your business is becoming an increasingly difficult task and the impact is costing businesses more each year.

Criminals don’t always work alone and with the sophisticated tactics they’re deploying continually evolving and the risks they’re willing to take increasing, it’s paramount that your organisation has a robust fraud prevention and risk strategy in place. Identifying and stopping these criminals will help you to protect your assets, reputation, brand, market share, business relationships and genuine customers.


9/10 fraudulent applications for all financial products are made online


Identify fraud is a growing issue in the UK, with 51% of fraud in 2017 being categorised as identity fraud in Synectics Solutions’ National SIRA Database


Almost one in every two crimes is fraud or cybercrime in the UK


Fraud detection, prevention & risk mitigation has evolved vastly in recent years from basic data matching to syndicated data sourcing, layered analytics and network visualisation. This video takes a brief look at technology from the past, present and future and will help you assess where you are on this evolution to ensure you are taking advantage of the latest fraud prevention & risk mitigation techniques and technology.


Synectics Solutions is renowned for having some of the most in depth experience and expertise when it comes to fraud and financial crime prevention.

We are responsible for deploying leading edge fraud and risk prevention solutions for some of the world’s most recognisable financial services brands with huge success. Our data solutions and analytics have been meeting the challenges businesses face for more than 25 years, saving our clients billions during this time by preventing losses to fraud and financial crime. We work with a range of Tier 1 banks, leading insurers and brokers, pension providers, telco’s, leading retail brands, automotive finance and vehicle rental providers.

Our clients have saved billions during this time by preventing losses to fraud and financial crime. Developing robust processes and integrating the best sources of data to give your teams a clear picture of not only what existing and emerging risks you need to manage, but also what good customers look like, is central to what we do.


is widely known to be one of the most comprehensive and cost effective fraud and risk prevention and detection solutions on the market. It brings a multitude of investigations management, data enrichment, machine learning and rules based decision capabilities together in one platform. SIRA is widely used across a number of sectors and industries to help mitigate risks and reduce losses to financial crime.

National SIRA

is the UK’s leading fraud prevention and detection database contributed to by over 100 organisations from the financial services sector, leading insurers, retail providers and telecommunications companies. National SIRA provides access to known adverse intelligence supplied and constantly updated by the entire SIRA syndication membership.


is our award winning predictive analytics solution that will help you understand your customer base better than ever before, accurately predicting future behaviour based on past experience. The fully hosted and supported software service gives you access to an enhanced suite of statistical techniques, modelling, data science expertise and accurate scoring capabilities that will enable you to forecast outcomes, predict levels risk and reward good customers. Precision has already helped our clients save millions of pounds that would have otherwise been lost to fraud.


is an advanced network visualisation tool that provides a 360 degree visual graph of your data to help show hidden connections between people or other entities to help your investigation team spot organised fraud before it can penetrate your organisation. Built specifically to enhance fraud investigations, Orion offers profile monitoring and automated prioritisation and network building, which will automatically notify investigators of new matches in existing networks and rank them in terms of severity and pre-populate networks. Offered as a Software-as-a-Service Orion can also leverage data from the National SIRA database.

25 years'


We have been working with our customers for over 25 years to help them harness the power of their data


Data providers

SIRA members have access to data provided by over 130 banks and financial services providers, insurers, retailers and telecommunications companies

£5+ billion

Fraud prevented

SIRA and the National Fraud Initiative have helped prevent in excess of £5 billion in losses to financial crime

"By working with Synectics to customise our system we were able to plug the gaps in our knowledge, while at the same time ensuring that we didn’t introduce too much noise, or trigger unnecessary investigations. We have been able to spot additional fraud that we would not have been able to identify before this initiative went live."
Jon Radford, Claims Manager, QBE


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