Cabinet Office NFI Contract Success for Synectics Solutions

Cabinet Office NFI Contract Success for Synectics Solutions

After 22 years of providing the technology for the National Fraud Initiative (NFI), Synectics Solutions has been awarded the contract for a further 4 years.

The NFI, the Cabinet Office’s data matching service, has enabled participating organisations to prevent and detect over £300 million fraud and error in the period April 2016 to March 2018. This is a record for the NFI in any reporting period since its creation in 1996, and brings cumulative outcomes to £1.69 billion.

Synectics Solutions is responsible for providing the technology that drives the NFI, cross matching electronic records provided by those that take part to prevent and detect fraud.

In total over 1,200 organisations regularly contribute to the NFI which spans a multitude of organisations across both local and central government and some from the private sector.

Darren Shillington, Head of the NFI at the Cabinet office said, “The recent tender application for the NFI was very strong, and capably demonstrated an ongoing commitment from Synectics Solutions to making the NFI the best it can be in developing enhancements, and in working closely with local authorities to maintain the integrity of the data.”

Synectics Solutions is a pioneering data solutions and software development company which has been providing software products to clients across the finance, insurance, automotive, public sector, and private sectors for over 25 years.

Louise Williams, Product Manager – Public Sector at Synectics, said: “We’re delighted to have been chosen once again to lead this incredibly important work.”

“The results of the past 22 years speak for themselves, and we’re delighted to have won the contract for a further 4 years with the potential to extend to 6 years.”

“We’re committed to developing the NFI and our priority will be to continue our collaborative partnership with the Cabinet Office. It is vital that the associated products target the risks faced by the bodies that take part in the NFI. We are looking forward to helping the public sector prevent and detect even more fraud in the years to come.”

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