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SIRA is our enterprise fraud prevention and detection solution offering a suite of analysis and workflow management capabilities to protect businesses from fraud and financial crime.


Orion provides the ability to easily identify organised or network fraud, and offers one of the most sophisticated and proven financial crime network analysis tools available today.


Precision delivers an enhanced suite of predictive analysis and data science capabilities to transform our clients' ability to make accurate predictions based on multiple data scenarios. 


We have been working with the Cabinet Office to help combat fraud for 20 years. During this time, we have helped to prevent in excess of £1.3 billion in fraudulent or mistaken payments through the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) service we provide.


FraudHub empowers Local Authorities, Government Agencies, and Housing Associations to create a shared resource to regularly and effectively screen their data to reduce fraud or prevent errors in processing payments.


AppCheck utilises intelligence from the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) to enable public sector organisations, or companies working within the public sector, to prevent fraud or mistaken payments from impacting their organisation.


ReCheck allows public sector organisations to leverage National Fraud Initiative (NFI) data to check existing customer accounts to help idenify changes in circumstances that may impact on payment eligibility.


Synectics Solutions have been providing vehicle finance configuration and automotive customer management solutions to some of the world's leading automotive brands for over 20 years.

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For over 25 years, we have been building complex data management and software solutions to support and empower companies looking to improve and change our world. We recognise the limitless potential within data and see it as a solution to our client’s challenges, creating an opportunity to learn, harness and analyse past behaviour and to predict future actions, making our world a safer place.

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City of London

The trial of the AppCheck solution was a great success that proved itself very early on by allowing us to identify fraud that would have otherwise potentially not been detected.

Chris Keesing,
Anti-Fraud Manager

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