Being at the forefront of the fight against financial fraud we have launched a new film that we hope will inspire the next generation of potential employees.

The intention is to show the new film at Future Fest, Staffordshire University’s careers fair, which runs from 13 - 17 November, in a bid to highlight the variety of roles at Synectics to graduates considering career options.

The short film was produced by Potteries production company Reels in Motion and instead of giving a straightforward company overview, it highlights how data in all its forms is increasingly playing a part in all of our lives.

Phil Bland, Reels in Motion co-founder, said: “Some clients we work with stick to a more proven concept, which is fine and right for them. When we started working with Synectics and put forward something a bit different, we were delighted when they picked it up and ran with it.

“Making a film that shows their vision is quite a brave thing. If you can actually show through the video how they’re different, it counts for so much more. We needed to find a way to capture the importance of the company’s work, something that stands out but also makes that connection to what Synectics is renowned for.”

The film starts and ends by asking ‘When you look at data, what do you see?’ and takes the viewer on a ‘journey through data’ in all its guises and the areas in which Synectics operates, including fighting public sector fraud, detecting terrorist funding sources, identifying human trafficking networks and building defence procurement systems.

Simon Booth, Synectics Marketing Manager, said: “It isn’t easy to describe what Synectics does in a snappy soundbite, and in fact putting this film together was about much more than that. This was about portraying our vision in a way that would encourage and inspire skilled graduates to join us.

“The film neatly and deliberately takes a big-picture approach to demonstrating the global and all-encompassing reach of what we’re renowned for, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Although the live action element of the film was shot on site in a day, the project combed live action, still photography, animation, CGI effects, and text animation and involved four weeks of post-production.