Synectics Solutions includes Orion network visualisation functionality in its SIRA fraud prevention solution as part of the R4 2015 release.

Synectics Solutions today announced that the fourth product release of 2015 for SIRA and Orion is now available and being rolled out.

One of the major updates in this release is the inclusion of Orion network visualisation functionality in the matches screen within SIRA itself. This will provide users of SIRA with the ability to visualise the links the between parties or entities, thus aiding the investigation process.

This new functionality will make it much easier for investigators to get a graphical representation of how their matches link together, helping to illustrate relationships that may exist between various parties or entities. This enhancement will help SIRA users to improve decision making and make it much easier to understand the complex links which might exist between matching parties when investigating a potential fraud.

Other developments that are being rolled out in this release also include:

  • The introduction of a new SIRA status of ‘High Risk’ to allow users to more easily monitor certain parties within SIRA. This allows users to allocate the status to a party where there might not be a suspicion of fraudulent activity but there is a need to monitor them because they pose a potential risk. This may be as a result of certain behaviour or because of the exposed or sensitive nature of a particular individual.
  • Enhanced capabilities to improve data exception reporting to enable users to more easily identify and understand what exceptions are being generated from their SIRA data feeds. This will help users to more readily identify if there are issues of concern in the format of their own data feeds.
  • The ability for clients to map individual rules to a specific data feed. This will enable clients to optimise the performance of their SIRA rules engine without the need to request formal change requests through Synectics.
  • The ability to configure automatic email alerts to be delivered to nominated individuals via email for missing data feeds.

Commenting on this release, Synectics Solutions’ Head of Product Management, Matt Stanton said, “We’re incredibly excited about the inclusion of the Orion network visualisation tool in the investigation screen as this enables our SIRA clients to take advantage of some of the powerful data visualisation functionality that Orion can provide. It will help enable our clients to make better, faster, and more confident decisions when evaluating potential threats to their business. In addition to this, there are also some very useful updates to the SIRA user configuration suite that will help our customers to optimise the performance of their SIRA rule-set, and also be better informed about the progress of their daily data processing.”

A more formal technical release note for this release will be sent to all SIRA clients as part of the SIRA software release process.

For more information on the contents of the release, please contact your SIRA Relationship Manager or, for more information about our products and services, please contact the Synectics Solutions Sales Team on 01782 664000 or [email protected].