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Synectics Solutions Alerts Insurers to Increased Risk of Identity Fraud

Synectics Solutions Ltd has identified fraudulent behaviour prevalent in the banking sector, which it anticipates will impact insurers in 2016.

Synectics Solutions provides counter fraud services, relied upon by Global Top 50 organisations, to the finance and insurance industries; through its syndicated enterprise fraud prevention and detection solutions: SIRA and Orion. To support clients in the development of their 2016/17 counter fraud strategies, the company has interrogated and analysed the National SIRA database, comprising of over163 million insurance and financial services fraud records, to review 2015 fraud trends and identify emerging fraud risks.

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Synectics Solutions Makes NFI Data Accessible ‘On Demand’

 Synectics Solutions, in partnership with the Cabinet Office, has continued to develop a number of fraud prevention and detection software solutions through the intelligence and insight held within the NFI data set. These solutions are now accessible to support organisations in their fight to identify and prevent losses through fraud as well as reducing operational costs and increasing the efficiency of fraud investigation teams.

The NFI data set contains over 1/3 of a Billion records from over 23 different data sources to include fraudulent identity data, deceased person data and Home Office immigration data. Since 1996 the NFI data matching exercise, involving 1... Read more

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Moving to our new office in 2016

 As part of Synectics Solutions' continued success and growth we are delighted to announce that we have acquired a new office that will enable us to bring all of our various business teams together under one roof and will provide additional work space as the company continues to expand.

The new 46,000 square feet facility is based in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. We will begin moving staff into the new office from early February 2016 with the move expected to be completed by May. We will be maintaining our existing offices at The Brampton and The Mount in Newcastle-under-Lyme and will re-purpose them as the move to Burslem progresses.

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SIRA R2 2016 Browser Support Policy Announcement

As part of a strategic technology review, Synectics Solutions is today announcing some important information for all users of our industry leading fraud prevention and detection solution: SIRA.

The following information is intended to help you plan for ensuring that your organisation’s Internet Browser configuration will remain compatible with SIRA’s support policy in the future.

In order to make certain that the SIRA platform continues to stay at the forefront of technology in terms of functionality and is highly accessible across a range of media platforms in the future, Synectics Solutions has been reviewing the Browser support policy for SIRA.

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Synectics Solutions includes Orion network visualisation functionality in its SIRA fraud prevention solution as part of the R4 2015 release.

Synectics Solutions today announced that the fourth product release of 2015 for SIRA and Orion is now available and being rolled out.

One of the major updates in this release is the inclusion of Orion network visualisation functionality in the matches screen within SIRA itself. This will provide users of SIRA with the ability to visualise the links the between parties or entities, thus aiding the investigation process.

This new functionality will make it much easier for investigators to get a graphical representation of how their matches link together, helping to illustrate relationships that may exist between various parties or entities.

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