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As you are likely aware, GDPR was adopted into law by the EU in April 2016 and will enter into force in May 2018.  All organisations will have to comply with the new codes of practice laid down in the GDPR for the storing and processing of personal data.

One area of significant change is the sanctions that non-compliant organisations will face. Financial penalties for breach of the new regulations can reach up to 4% of revenue or $20 million!

Therefore it is critical to begin preparing for the changes to ensure your organisation becomes compliant prior to the adoption of GDPR in May 2018.

We have prepared a Q&A guide with our Chief Security Officer, Steve Sands, to help you better understand how your organisation will be impacted by GDPR. In addition you will be able to download a helpful infographic comparing the regulation changes between the soon to be replaced Data Protection Act and GDPR.

Download to learn:

  • What the GDPR is and why it should matter to you.
  • What the differences between the GDPR and Data Protection act are.
  • How to become compliant to avoid being penalised with the new sanctions.

Are you prepared for GDPR?

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