Bluestone Mortgages deploys National SIRA to streamline the mortgage application process

Synectics Solutions has today announced that specialist lender Bluestone Mortgages has deployed National SIRA, the UK’s largest syndicated database of cross-sector customer risk intelligence.

The deployment of the database, operated by Synectics Solutions, Britain’s leader in using data to detect and prevent fraud and wider economic crime, will allow Bluestone to streamline its mortgage application process, bolster compliance practices, and confidently offer its products to a broader range of customers who have been excluded by mainstream lenders.

Murray Raw, Head of Business Development at Synectics Solutions, said: “The data logged on National SIRA, when paired with our powerful rules engine, provides lenders with something extremely precious. Context. It delivers the ability to differentiate between true perpetrators of fraud and victims of it, and subsequently the ability to re-instate access to financial services for the latter.

“In partnering with companies such as Bluestone Mortgages to provide this vital insight, we’re proud to play a key role in tackling the issue of financial inclusion.”

The decision to work with Synectics Solutions comes at a critical time for Bluestone Mortgages, which has recently grown its portfolio by over 40% to more than £1 billion of active lending.

“The unique insights from National SIRA will enable us to further streamline the mortgage application journey at a critical time when more people are turning to specialist lenders,” said Jackie Burchill, Head of Lending Operations Bluestone Mortgages. “This is an important step as we continue our mission to help more people achieve their goal of homeownership.”

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