Cyber Security Awareness Month

Did you know.. 90% of passwords can be cracked in less than six hours?

Why is this important…. Because as cheesy as it sounds, we are all in this together. Every individual can take steps to be more secure online.


What is security awareness month?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a globally recognised event, co-led by the NCA (National Cybersecurity Alliance) and the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency).


Why does Synectics Solutions support this initiative?

As an anti-fraud solutions provider, we understand the importance of companies and individuals being cyber aware.

Synectics Solutions is proud to be a Champion and support this online safety and education initiative throughout the month of October. Internally we are running various activities to raise awareness of security best practices.

Our aim for this month, is to not only raise security awareness to protect the company, but also to use this opportunity to give employees and clients the knowledge needed to protect themselves from cyber threats inside and outside of the workplace.

Prevention is better than cure, so here is some top tips for keeping yourselves safe!


Our Top Cyber Security tips:

  • Keep backups of important data
  • Patch and check for updates regularly
  • Don’t reuse passwords
  • Avoid opening suspicious emails
  • Use an anti-virus for all your devices
  • Keep your personal information safe - choose disk encryption, strong passwords, and 2-step verification.
  • A password manager offers an alternative, more secure way of coping with password overload. They not only generate strong passwords but also safely manage shared accounts.


Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people. Think Before You Click!


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