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Webinar: Addressing the Issue of APP Fraud and Improving Methods of Payee Authentication

APP fraud and Payee Authentication have become two of the most intractable issues for fraud prevention teams across the UK in recent times.

Since the publication of the Authorised Push Payment Contingent Reimbursement Model (APP CRM) in 2019 banks have also had to take on much more liability for the losses that APP scams have generated – which was an estimated £450 Million in 2019.

On this webinar Anthony Minshull from Synectics Solutions will be joining UK Finance to understand some of the latest thinking in how to address the challenges that APP fraud scams pose for banks and other financial institutions.

In addition to that we will be exploring the various opportunities that exist to use technology or increased intelligence sharing to create a Payee Authentication Trust Framework that would allow banks to be far more effective at assessing the risk of digital payment transfers before they take place.


  • the likely trajectory of APP fraud as an issue

  • key economic and demographic risk factors to inform banks risk strategies

  • methods of helping banks to improve their ability to address APP Fraud and improve Payee Authentication

  • current changes in responsibilities in regard to APP CRM

  • the evolution of APP fraud up to today

  • the demographics of APP victims

  • the impact of Covid-19 on APP Fraud

  • the technological solutions for Payee authentication

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