New renewable energy initiatives help us to become carbon neutral

The UK’s energy system has rapidly evolved in response to the serious threat that carbon induced climate change poses.  All responsible companies have a huge part to play in making sure they’re adapting their operations to minimise the impact they have on our planet.  

It’s estimated that the world’s Information and Technology sector is expected to account for about 14% of the world’s carbon footprint through its use of energy by 2040 – up from 1.5% in 2007.  

For fintech companies like Synectics Solutions energy use is the single biggest factor at play in generating these carbon emissions.   To combat this Synectics has adopted a multi-pronged approach to minimising its carbon footprint through a variety of innovative investments, which all work together to ensure that energy use is as environmentally friendly, and as low impact, as possible.

One of the most significant investments the company has recently made is the installation of a large solar panel array on the roof of its headquarters in Stoke on Trent. Geo Green Power worked with Synectics this year and completed the installation of the 764 panel array - which is expected to generate over 195,000 KWh of energy each year, creating enough electricity for around 25% of the company’s needs. 

Not content with that Synectics has also recently signed a contract with Energy Carbon Management to help source the remainder of its electricity needs from renewable sources only.

Of course energy supply is only one factor in this complicated equation, and the company constantly assesses opportunities to work smarter, and use technology, to ensure that the energy it does use goes even further.

Good examples of this include the ‘free cooling’ system that is used in its Data Centre to make sure all its servers remain at an optimal temperature.  This system uses outside ambient air to cool the servers, which minimises the need to use energy intensive traditional air conditioning systems.  

The company has also recently installed 18 electric vehicle charging parking bays for its staff, with additional plans to extend this even further as more staff transition to using electric vehicles for their commute to work.

Nathan Clews, Facilities Manager at Synectics Solutions said, “We’re constantly looking at ways to minimise the impact that our energy requirements have on the environment. The recent investments we’ve made with renewable energy generation and procurement has meant that we’re getting closer to becoming a zero-impact company when it comes to carbon emissions. In addition to that it’s great to know that the increase in our electric vehicle charging infrastructure means we’re helping our employees to make the change to lower carbon transport, and reduce their own impact on the environment as well.”

James Cunningham, Director at Geo Green Power said, “‘Geo Green Power were delighted to work with Synectics Solutions in delivering their solar array. Not only will this reduce their electricity costs, it’ll also reduce their carbon footprint significantly.”

“The carbon savings are equivalent to taking 12 cars off the road every year! As we push towards a cleaner, greener planet, it’s always a pleasure to work with companies like Synectics Solutions who view this as a priority.”

“Synectics were clear from the beginning that, although they were happy to reduce their energy costs and reliance on the grid, the main motivation was to reduce their impact on the environment around them.“

Neil Escott, Relationship Manager at Energy & Carbon Management said “Energy and Carbon Management (E&CM) is proud to encourage our clients in their net zero ambitions, exploring and implementing carbon reduction strategies and technologies to reach their goal.”

“ It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Synectics in their quest to be carbon neutral by procuring perfect-fit green energy supply contracts for their organisation. We work as a partnership and we are already actively discussing the move to certified green gas solutions. We look forward to advocating and supporting the further reductions to Synectics Solutions carbon footprint.”

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