Net Promoter Score: Why it's more than just a number to us

Osman Khurshid, our Head of Client Success, explains why the NPS results from such an integral part of the service we deliver at Synectics Solutions.

On a regular basis we ask all members two very simple questions: What is your experience of using our capabilities and how likely are you to recommend us? The answers, and supporting responses from our Net Promoter Score (NPS), provides us with an understanding of what we are doing well, how our solutions add value, and most importantly where there is room for improvement.

I’m sure you can Imagine our delight then when we recently achieved our highest NPS score ever.

As well as being a 23% increase on previous figures (which at the time were already industry benchmarked as ‘great’ and exceeded the sector average), this latest score puts us further into the great bracket, and in the same company as many leading customer-centric global businesses.

Why is all this such great news? As an organisation with a strong ethos and focus on Customer centricity it confirms we have solid relationships with our customers, and that continuous developments to our support and product offering based on the feedback are really adding value to our members

Especially in relation to our operation of National SIRA – the UK’s largest syndicated database of cross-sector customer risk intelligence. Day by Day it is helping organisations in sectors such as finance, insurance and retail detect and prevent fraud by providing invaluable insights to support decision making, compliance, and customer onboarding.

Having operated National SIRA for nearly twenty years it would be easy to rest on our laurels. But we don’t. We constantly evaluate how we can help customers leverage more and more benefit from syndicated data in new and innovative ways. The upward trajectory of our NPS score reflects this. As does the feedback we received as part of the recent survey, with comments including:

“Excellent support and really easy to deal with as a company. Always helpful and willing to go "above and beyond" to look after us. Proactive in thinking about our needs.” – Aviva

“The support is brilliant! Always a quick turnaround when we have queries, and the C.R. guys are very friendly, super personable!” - esure

This score doesn’t give us permission to put our feet up. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Despite having identified and prevented more than £5 billion worth of fraud, we want this number to continue to grow. Our members are constantly facing new challenges and threats, so we need to keep adapting to combat those challenges.

We offer Real Intelligence (RI) to our clients through a combination of unique data, award winning analytics tools and extensive sector knowledge.

We have a number of predictions of what the future of fraud will look like and we are certain that Synectics and our community of clients will be at the very heart of detecting and preventing it. They keep us focused on what really matters and the NPS program gives us the data to validate the decisions we take.


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