NFI Matters Edition 3

NFI Matters connects the NFI community and provides the latest news and developments on what matters most to its members – reducing fraud and error.


In this issue:

A changing counter fraud landscape – an overview from Kevin Foster MP, Minister for the Constitution.

Also in this issue: 

  • Hertfordshire and surrounding Councils are working together to detect and prevent fraud using a NFI FraudHub
    Hertfordshire County Council and a number of neighbouring councils have taken the next step to protect themselves against fraud by sharing intelligence using a NFI FraudHub. More than £5 million in estimated savings have been achieved in the first 12 months of operation

  • A unique opportunity – business rates matching is now available as part of your NFI FraudHub
    The NFI Business Rates pilot in England successfully identified Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR) fraud of over £304,000. As a result FraudHub has now been updated to include SBRR matching.

  • An update on the HMRC data pilot
    Early feedback indicate substantial outcomes identified by pilot sites up to May 2019. This has resulted in 413 investigations and it is estimated that these investigations are likely to result in 174 fraud/errors, with an estimated total value of just over £1 million.

  • Using the NFI to complement in-house counter-fraud work: a successful pilot exercise in Northern Ireland
    Valerie Evans, NFI Coordinator, Northern Ireland Audit Office updates us on a pilot with the Business Services Organisation (BSO) in Northern Ireland that has allowed the BSO to remove over 400 people from the GP register, with potential cost savings so far of almost £1 million.

  • An overview of NFI Outcomes for period 1 April 2018 - 31 March 2019
    Since we last reported on progress with 2016/17 matches, you have identified a further £73 million of fraud, overpayments and error - the equivalent of the average salary of 1,900 full time teachers or 12,000 hip replacement surgeries. Cumulative total is now £1.76 billion.

  • Spotlight on Engaging with NFI Users
    Hear about how Sarah Windress from the NFI team visited RSM to talk about the 2018/19 NFI matches and the launch of risk scores. This session is one of multiple events from which the NFI Team have gathered user feedback.

  • Register now for the next NFI Mortality Screening in December 2019

    Repeat your mortality screening in December 2019 (data will be required in October 2019) and reduce overpayments caused by those failing to inform you of the death of an individual.

  • Have you seen the new Dashboards and Widgets in the NFI web application?
    In June we introduced a Default Dashboard that includes a selection of the widgets we think you will find most useful. Local authorities in England are now able to see a widget that compares their recorded outcomes and matches processed against their 15 CIPFA nearest neighbours.

  • Talk to us about undertaking bespoke data matching projects
    Over the past 12 months we have engaged with many organisations to develop and deliver cost effective bespoke solutions. Fraud is a constant threat. The NFI and Synectics Solutions are committed to working with you to stop fraud affecting your organisation.

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