OCR Labs & Synectics unite to deliver digital ID verification solution for employment and rental use cases

Uniting the latest ID technology with GPG45-ready SynID to create a powerful, UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF) compliant ID verification solution.

Leading digital identity and fraud prevention specialists, OCR Labs and Synectics Solutions, have joined forces to provide a fully automated digital ID verification solution for companies operating in the employment and rental markets.

This partnership will see OCR Labs and Synectics Solutions combine their core specialities to provide enhanced digital ID checks that are extremely powerful in verifying an individual’s identity and defending against fraud.

This revolutionary ID verification partnership has been designed to allow organisations to quickly and easily comply with standards set out in the UK’s new Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF), which has raised the bar for the level of assurance required to digitally verify an individual’s identity and prove their Right to Rent or Right to Work status.

Chris Lewis, who is the Head of Solutions Consultancy at
Synectics Solutions, comments on the partnership saying:

“We are tremendously excited to be partnering with innovative IDSPs such as OCR Labs who are revolutionising the market with a pioneering end-to-end digital ID verification solution. Fraud controls and positive electronic verification form the backbone of digital identity and the Digital Identities and Attributes Trust Framework. We believe that Right to Work checks will be a great test bed for digital identity as the market matures in the UK.”

Why does this partnership matter?

In October 2022, a new set of rules came into force requiring all Right to Rent and Right to Work checks to be conducted either in person with physical forms of identification or digitally using ID validation technology from government certified Identity Service Providers (IDSPs).

For organisations operating in the employment or rental markets that wish to continue to verify the identity of individuals virtually, a digital ID verification solution is required to comply with new rules and guidance set out in the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF) and Good Practice Guide (GPG).

This partnership provides a solution to the problem of where to find a fully automated end-to-end digital ID verification solution for employment and rental use cases.

OCR Labs as an identity service provider (IDSP) and Synectics Solutions as an Attribute Service Provider (ASP) have partnered in order to be able to provide a complete end-to-end digital ID verification solution that is fully compliant with these new regulations.

How will this partnership work?

Fraud prevention and fraud detection have become increasingly crucial to companies operating in the rental and employment markets as they work to comply with the DIATF regulations allowing fully remote checks.

Having a solution that companies such as Reed Screening can depend on to swiftly deliver accurate, regulatory-compliant outcomes to applicants and operators alike is incredibly valuable. This partnership seeks to not only provide that but also provide one that is reliable and enables companies to stay ahead of their peers in a competitive market.

Paul Clements, from Reed Screening, remarked on the innovative partnership:

“Reed Screening use OCR Labs and Synectics to provide the highest level of assurance for the ID and Right to Work checks we perform for organisations across all sectors. The solution is invaluable for not
only verifying the identity of the individuals, but also for strengthening the identity validation and identifying fraud or other risk indicators through Synectics data.”

OCR Labs will be providing fully automated technology for optical character recognition, document verification, fraud detection and biometric face matching while syncing with Synectics Solutions’ innovative SynID product. SynID which is built by Synectics Solutions utilises private and public sector digital consortium data to determine the assurance level of an identity based on strength, validity, identity fraud and activity history attributes.

Russ Cohn, General Manager at OCR Labs Global, commented saying:

“We needed to make sure we could help our customers like Reed Screening and other potential customers in multiple sectors to deliver secure and reliable end-to-end employment solutions, combining OCR Labs Global’s market-leading ID Verification and Fraud detection platform with SynID’s multi-industry data capabilities.”

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