SIRA R2 2016 Browser Support Policy

As part of a strategic technology review, Synectics Solutions is today announcing some important information for all users of our industry leading fraud prevention and detection solution: SIRA.

The following information is intended to help you plan for ensuring that your organisation’s Internet Browser configuration will remain compatible with SIRA’s support policy in the future.

In order to make certain that the SIRA platform continues to stay at the forefront of technology in terms of functionality and is highly accessible across a range of media platforms in the future, Synectics Solutions has been reviewing the Browser support policy for SIRA.

As a result of this review, from May 2016, SIRA will be adopting the Bootstrap framework for developing and supporting the front end user interface of SIRA.

What this means for users of SIRA is that, from this time onwards, Internet Browsers accessing the SIRA user interface will need to be supported by the Bootstrap Browser and Device Support Policy which can be found at:

Why is SIRA adopting this framework?

By adopting the Bootstrap development framework, Synectics Solutions can ensure a more robust and consistent codebase which will support an improved user experience for all SIRA users.

This also means that we will be able to focus on providing software that is consistent with the most popular Internet Browser’s available including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and the latest versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Additionally this means that, in the future, SIRA can be developed to have functionality that is compatible with a wider range of device formats including tablets and mobile devices, as well as the traditional user formats currently supported.

Will this change really affect me?

Providing that your organisation has the ability to connect to SIRA using browsers supported by the Bootstrap support policy this update will not affect you

This means that after May 2016 if you are accessing SIRA via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that are included within Microsoft’s standard public support framework this policy update should not affect you.

However, please note that the Bootstrap support framework does not support older versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. So if your organisation is using IE versions 8 or lower, your browsers will become incompatible with SIRA’s user interface after this time.

When will this policy update begin to take effect?

We will begin rolling out the SIRA website Bootstrap/JQuery architecture upgrade as part of the R2 2016 release of SIRA in a phased approach for each SIRA client.

Each of these releases will be communicated to SIRA clients as part of the usual SIRA software release communications process nearer the time.

We will be publishing updates to remind you of this forthcoming change as we progress towards the adoption of this new framework. However, if you have any questions about this please contact your SIRA Relationship Manager in the first instance.

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